Channeled Messages From A Higher Realm

Four Channelings For Our Troubled Times

“Spiritual evolution happens, regardless of leaders, aliens, or religions.
This universal tide is now washing over Earth, the time has come.”

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Tibus Speaks
Messages From
A Higher Realm


Tibus' Archeological Prophecies Come True! - New!

The Reality Continuum Revisited

Fracking, The God Cloud & the Change Times

Tibus' Warning on Pipeline

UFO Disclosure: The Alien Point of View

Guidance & Help for the Change Times

Volcano Focus

Evolution & the Creator Spirit

The New Madrid Prediction



Guidance and Help for the Change Times

Star people, this is Tibus. I come to you in love and light.

Perpetual flooding occurs, and then comes killer drought and horrendous wild fires as well as super-storms we have never seen before; meanwhile, the financial world is in chaos and you wonder, how much more you can take! You also wonder, how much more can Gaia, the living spirit of Mother Earth - take?!

How I wish our Change Times predictions did not have to unfold, but we knew and you knew – they would unfold. And they are. This situation is the main reason any UFO you might see, is in Earth skies.

Yes, a few aliens are curious and also rather cold, scientists, but even these extraterrestrials do not have nefarious schemes for the takeover of humankind. If they did, we would not allow them to put their schemes into motion.

And the vast majority of us have simply come to help, just as you would cross the road to help a neighbor whose house was on fire.

We had predicted recently that earthquakes unique to the Change Times, will not be confined to the Pacific Ring of Fire, although that large area is the “canary in the coal mine” for other global earthquakes, and it remains the most active, violent, and the largest of the fault networks which crisscross the planet.

In a separate message following this one, I will send information about the New Madrid Fault which stretches across the middle of the United States.

If we could define THE Change Times in a few brief words, it would be: A planetary time in which extraordinary and usually catastrophic events happen which would not normally happen."

We add, “But to be a Change Times, the most sentient race on said planet, must lead her to a new reality.”

Otherwise, it is not “Change Times,” it is “Doomsday.”

If the most sentient of planetary species (humankind, in this case), fails to lead to a new level of consciousness, it is over for that species.

I hasten to add that the planet herself, can then reincarnate in an entirely new phase of existence; in other words, the planet reincarnates after her “death.”

Earth has begun new cycles throughout her Whole Life; humankind has been cut back in numbers before, usually due to its own bad behavior, and set back to primitive ways. However, those were dress rehearsals for this main Change Times.

This time humankind either leads the way to the perception of a new world, or it will not return. This is not our decision, this belongs to Mother Creator (Earth, in this case), and Father Creator.

However, we good guy aliens (Space/Time Intelligence) have cheated a bit, because our bravest and best volunteered to go down in 1942, 1947, 1950, 1954, 1961, and live lifetimes as human, in order to help humankind discover the dimension of Earth’s New Dawn.

(Note: Tibus does not mean those years alone, he just selected a few years at random to prove his point).

Star people, meet yourselves!
We know/you know, that you did not need to become the leader of a big country or corporation in order to carry forth your mission. You mission is simply – to live a human lifetime while thinking, feeling, acting, and being, your true self – because the electromagnetic frequency of your mind/soul, with all its intelligence, compassion, empathy, and love, is the one missing piece of the New Dawn puzzle! Critical mass cannot be reached without you aboard the planet!

This is not a hope on our part, we know this.

Now, you might ask, why would some passing extraterrestrials and other-dimensional bothers get so involved in the Change Times of a planet, when there are billions of intelligently inhabited planets? And should we be “cheating” in this way, when the will of Mother/Father Creator is apparently that the human species needs to grow up, take responsibility, and lead the way to a better world, or it is not a viable species to survive. It is a turning point for Homo sapiens.

My friends, if you could hear the debates which have raged about this on our ships and on our Home worlds!

The mind-blowing fact: human descendants have proven themselves in the galactic and universal communities; it turns out, humans have wonderful potential! And while we all acknowledge and adore Mother/Father Creator, we know that they work through us in mysterious ways.

So, if the Creator Spirit seems to be condemning a species to extinction, but we on the Home Side can nudge that species along into its survival, and into a positive future, then we do “interfere,” the same way you would interfere by helping a threatened species on Earth.

Who is to say what Mother/Father Creator’s true plan is? Perhaps we are supposed to step in and help! We too are a piece of the puzzle!

This policy of ours is not for Earth alone, although Future Humans are well known and valued in our Space/Time Intelligence. Our general policy has become, to assist any planet, usually through planting ourselves inside their most sentient species, and thus we raise the frequency, thus we assist life itself, and enlightenment itself, to survive and thrive in our galaxy and in the universe.

This is good for all of us, too.

I must say, there are thousands of maddening predictions are all over the Internet these days. Since 1983, we have been level-headed and almost always accurate. Too many hysterical predictions lead to inertia. Disinformation does real damage, and the Internet is full of it.

What we have always been about, is helping the star person (contactee, light worker, abductee, enlightened human and resident alien), to handle it all. There are no psychiatrists, no clinics, no AA meetings (Aliens Anonymous – ha), there is no one to help the star person. Star people are made the brunt of jokes or are told they are delusional, so be “normal.” What a difficult mission you have!

So in 1983, as the Change Times approached, we started The Star Network to be there for you, star people. This was a concept which I originated. I am very proud of our star people! How great, too, that we have the physical project of our Star Animal Sanctuary to boost our energy and to help Earth’s animals.

May the healing light of goodness surround you, always, TIBUS


The New Madrid Prediction

This is Tibus. I come to you in love and light.

I seem to have the dubious honor of discussing the New Madrid Fault. It does not take a genius to know that what lies between the formerly quiet fault line along the east coast of the United States, and the formerly quiet fault line in Colorado/New Mexico, is the New Madrid Fault in the mid-section of the country.


We have found that the Colorado/New Mexico 5.3 quake caused enough pressure to make the east coast fault slip, the very next day.

As you have heard on the news, the earth east of the Rocky Mountains is very stable, basically a single slab of ancient, well settled and fused together, rock.

West of the Rockies, the earth is full of cracks and it is not fused, indicating how much younger the western land is.

The eastern North American continent rings like a gong when there is an earthquake, it is actually quite amazing.

These 2 almost simultaneous quakes, have relieved some building pressure surrounding the New Madrid Fault; however, they also put more pressure on New Madrid. How can this be?



The two quakes relieved pressure in their areas which are in the domino effect region of New Madrid (on the border of New Madrid’s influence).

However, they built pressure toward New Madrid itself, rather like some dominoes in the domino line, not quite falling over, and so piling at a tilt toward each other.

We have found that Earth geologists are concerned about this too, but censorship prevents them from speaking publically. We and they agree independently, that the chances for a large New Madrid quake have increased dramatically. It is ready to slip.

To refer to a point we have made many times, if you feel HAARP is causing these quakes, building toward a huge New Madrid quake,that is your right.

We of Space/Time feel it is a part of the inescapable scenario of Earth’s Change Times, and that the living Planet Earth is causing her own earthquakes.

However, either way you decide, the answer is the same:

1. Be prepared. The large quake of the New Madrid Fault is “very soon;” it could be tomorrow, next month, or ten years, because “soon” to New Madrid is not your version of “soon.” We feel it will be a lot less than ten years but only New Madrid knows, and even she knows ONLY at the moment it happens. If this is confusing, think of a heart attack in a human. He knows it could happen due to his physical condition, but he cannot know the moment until it does happen.'

2. We must create and perceive a new level of existence in which Mother Earth is peaceful and relatively stable; the best word for this is “balanced.” Visualize, create, perceive, Earth which is balanced. This is the conceptual foundation of the New Dawn.

In the Change Times, there are all sorts of media alerts because they wish to be perceived as “on top of the situation” because this brings in more revenue and keeps their power secure. Common people grow weary of all the hype.

On the other hand, huge disasters are happening, such as the Japanese quake and tsunami. And the flooding in the Midwest was under-reported because it didn’t seem exciting enough to generate revenue for the media. Instead they report endlessly on one woman who disappeared in Aruba.

So people have this terrible confusion about what is important, and what is not. The global financial system is washing away like sand beneath their feet; people don’t know whether to watch a celebrity multimillion dollar “reality wedding,” or go to the local food supply for people with no money and get a few cans of food. People don’t know if Hurricane Irene is the end of the U.S. east coast as we know it, or a bothersome tropical storm.

Everything, from Congress to the Administration, from the media to the Internet, is “spin.”


Simple honesty is missing, and “spin” has taken its place. And yet, the truth is, huge events have and will happen, and enormous changes are coming. Yet, they are not even spoken of, honestly. Earth governments refuse to disclose the presence of exo-races in Earth skies, for instance.

The people of Earth are standing on sand which is fast washing away beneath their feet. They deserve better. And yet, this is the human world, created by — people.

It is time to evolve spiritually.

I send my love, respect, and admiration to you, star people, who lead the way.

May the healing light of goodness surround you always, TIBUS


UFO Disclosure: The Alien Point of View


There is a controversial new book by Tony Brunt entitled “Why Barack Obama Must End It.” Brunt maintains that the 1990s were the tragic “lost decade” when UFO disclosure should have happened.

Perhaps if the leaders would have had the guts to disclose the reality of exo-species visiting Earth, 9/11 might have been averted. Wars like Iraq and Afghanistan might not have happened, with all the destruction and suffering they brought and still bring. Why?

In 1991, communism collapsed and the end of the Cold War offered an overdue opportunity for the president to take action and tell his people that “we are not alone.” Brunt says there was a “bottleneck of history” which was set free in the 1990s, and it was the perfect time for disclosure.

But as the 1990’s progressed, a slow motion (or not so slow motion), ecological tragedy unfolded, the economic system grew a cancerous bubble, and religious extremism was mushrooming, not only among fundamentalist Moslems but also among fundamentalist Christians. “It was no longer a healthy thing that our institutions were being shielded from the wider context of galactic citizenship being offered.”

Brunt feels that violent or aggressive fundamentalism that prescribes a single point of view at the end of a gun, would not survive long if there were the revelation that other beings are visiting Earth on a regular basis; these beings demonstrate their spirituality and success which owes nothing to human creeds.

The end of the delusion about being alone in the universe and somehow on top of the heap, would be liberating and invigorating to the human species; this scenario was at its optimum in the 1990s, before things went to hell.

Brunt says the U.S. government had (and has) a policy of “gradualism” – the stance that Earth people need to evolve without an open dialogue with exo-species. Brunt’s book is a hard-edged criticism of misguided governmental decisions in the past and laments regarding the lost decade of the 1990s; if disclosure had happened then, so much tragedy would likely have been averted.

However, Brunt is very optimistic about the benefits of disclosure in the near term. “We are being called to higher standards as a species. The event of disclosure comes as a wake-up call for those who think it right to walk in old paths of bigotry and confrontation.”

So, Tibus, do you agree with Tony Brunt regarding the golden chance for disclosure in the 1990s? And what do you think about disclosure being just around the corner?

This is Tibus. I come to you in love and light.

The fact is, we urgently sought that disclosure of our presence be given to Earth’s people in the 1990s. The people were as ready as they were likely to be.

Of course it was/is up to Earth’s leadership as to when to disclose our existence and presence in Earth skies, strictly speaking. Aliens should not decide the course of Earth’s people, human leaders should. This has been our rule (non-interference).

Except when the time has come and gone, and the leaders have failed! Once the time is past, this disclosure decision will fly out of leaders’ hands, and will simply be embraced by the people of Earth. In other words, if the leaders wait too long to disclose, the people will simply leave their leaders back in the dust and fully accept that we exist and are here.

Now, I am not saying all people will rejoice to know we exist and we are here. Many will be fearful beyond all reason and will have trouble adapting. This, we dread.

Many will find this new knowledge as water to a flower in the desert – and will rejoice as the universe and cosmic citizenship open to the people of Earth.

But the decision is out of our hands, too, IF we are to help Earth and her life forms (including the humans), because the planet herself is the one making the decisions now.
In the 1990s, there were not the huge global catastrophes looming, so it did seem up to human leaders. Now, the Change Point is nearly upon us, and if our mission here is to mean anything, we have to interact in order to help Earth into a new home, a new dimension.

Evolution happens, regardless of leaders, aliens, or religions. This universal tide is now washing over Earth, the time has come.
We are witnessing the birth of a new species, whose forbearers were called Homo sapiens.

May the healing light of goodness surround you, always,


Tibus' Warning on Environmentally Disastrous Oil Pipeline

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C. Clarke

This is Tibus. I come to you in love and light.

I wish to tell you of another proposed multi-national project in the northern area of North America which would threaten the continent’s greatest songbird nursery. As you know, songbirds are already decimated in numbers, and are perhaps the most delightful of Gaia’s creatures, along with her butterflies.

(With in-put from Natural Resources Defense Council emergency memo): The U.S. State Department is rushing toward approval of Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, a disastrous project that will drive the massive destruction of songbird habitat in Canada’s Boreal Forest even as it fuels global warming and threatens America’s wild lands and drinking water with toxic spills.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have protested but the State Department refuses to conduct a full environmental review of the tar sands pipeline. Of course, the State Department is looking out for the interests of Big Oil! We know it seems an impossible long shot, but take your case to the White House! At least we must try for the good of our souls!

Tell the White House to tell Secretary Clinton to order a full environmental review and reject this fossil fuel nightmare! Just days ago, the Exxon Mobil pipeline ruptured, spewing some 40,000 gallons of oil into the wild Yellowstone River in Montana, coating pelicans, turtles, and other wildlife in crude. There can’t be a louder wake-up call about Keystone XL pipeline!

That’s because Keystone XL pipeline would cross the very same river but it would carry 20 times as much crude, meaning a similar spill from tar sands pipeline would dump nearly one million gallons of the world’s dirtiest oil into the Yellowstone River! The oil carried in this pipeline will be dirtier than “normal” oil, even.

Millions of migratory birds will die even without a nightmare spill, as their Boreal forest home for millions of years is obliterated by tar sands strip mining. And the pipeline will threaten people, too, from Canada to Montana to Texas.

Please write letters, e-mails, tell people, support NRDC – do whatever you can, star people, to stop this outrage which in fact is part of the murder of Earth herself.

I wish to let you know that a block of ice four times the size of Manhattan has split off from a Greenland glacier and melted into the oceans of Earth. No wonder there is increased flooding! It is not just the torrential rain! Earth scientists were not aware this happened in 2010 and have stated how shocked they were to see proof. “I was speechless when I saw the Peterman Ice Glacier so much smaller!” says Alun Hubbard of Aberystwyth University, Wales. Although I knew what to expect in terms of ice loss from satellite imagery, I was still completely unprepared for the gob-smacking scale of the breakup, which left me speechless. No such event has ever happened in Greenland since recorded observations began in 1876.”

My star friends, Greenland’s ice sheet is melting at the rate of 400 billion tons per year. Greenland lost 592.6 square miles of ice between 2000 and 2010. The writing is on the wall in a number of ways, Earth is going to be really difficult to live on unless something miraculous occurs. Consider how difficult recent winters have been, how unbearably hot and humid summers are, how many areas of the globe have flooded badly (not just normal periodic flooding), how deserts/droughts are expanding, how huge and numerous tornadoes are these days, and how torrential rains are. These changes have happed so rapidly.

Star person, you are on the cutting edge of bringing Earth this miracle in her darkest moment. First, humankind will have to meet us, swallow its fear of the unknown, and allow us to help. We not only have advanced technology but we bring a higher consciousness which will actually enhance your creation of a new perception (a new version, if you will) of beloved Earth. If you like computers, you might think that we of Space/Time Intelligence are bringing new software to the hardware which is Planet Earth.

Of course, as you know, along with radically changing climate systems, the financial systems globally have fallen apart and what is left of them, makes no sense at all. Failure is the only option.

Volcanoes and earthquake activity is far greater than just a few years ago, and is increasing. There is no solution to all these and many more crises, except the one which you, enlightened humans, offer and yes, it is what we of Space/Time intelligence offer also, because you and we are from the same source, we are co-workers. We simply need to reach critical mass of enlightenment, that one last enlightened mind/soul who tips the scale toward a new, higher human electromagnetic hum which is called, the mass human consciousness.

We are with you, and it will be alright. I know we can do this, because from my perspective, we have already done it!

May the healing light of goodness surround you, TIBUS

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