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Evolution & the Creator Spirit

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Evolution & the Creator Spirit

Star people, this is Tibus. I come to you in love and light.

It is a shame that “evolution” and “God” became in the minds of 20th Century humans, like two boxers in the brutal boxing match. As we perceive it, the two concepts enhance each other. Some might even feel they are the same force.

Now, you can place your emphasis on “God” or you can place your emphasis on “evolution,” as feels right for you. As we see it, there is a force of momentum, motion, change, in the universe which can’t be denied. If someone ignores this momentum, he or she becomes stagnate spiritually and it is our belief that this is the only true death. However, we also believe that it is never too late to for the individual to “live again” and look bravely to the future in which this force flourishes. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that a species which ignores or resists the force of evolutionary momentum may well become extinct.

There is no contradiction between Evolution and The Creator.  Evolution is the power, the momentum, of the Creator Spirit. You might say, if this is how you feel, that evolution is the hand of God.

Evolution occurs all over the universe in infinitely diverse ways: A giant star finally collapses in on itself, becoming a neutron star and ultimately, a black hole; but wait, a black hole is not a bad thing to become, because black holes are the creators of entire galaxies! At the center of every galaxy is an enormous black hole. How does it create a galaxy? Black holes spew out what they cannot gobble up, and all that is ejected, becomes stardust, eventually drawn together by gravity to become stars, planets, moons, and more.
Back on Earth, a primordial fish plopped itself on land and so did its children, and eventually, that species grew funny little legs.

Many humans look to the skies and see more UFOs up there than ever before. They desperately wonder who/what is in those UFOs. Well, we are not “what” but we are “who.” We have been spotted before, have indeed been around since humankind began – and before that. In ancient times, we did interact and in some cases, interbreed with humans. However, something is up which has not happened on Earth in previous cycles.

At this moment, some humans, whom, we call enlightened humans, are evolving spiritually; spiritual evolution is the main component of Evolution.

We have found that physical evolution follows more slowly and is actually less-important. I know skeptics remind you that evolution is a process which takes millions of years. Yes, sometimes physical evolution does, that fish who grew little legs took a long time to do so. Other times, physical evolution comes faster because the species must evolve or die and – wonder of wonders – sometimes it therefore manages to evolve quickly, perhaps growing a longer neck in a few generations so as to reach the higher leaves.

However, I can tell you that the fish who plopped onto land and the creature who needed a longer neck pronto, longed for these changes, felt strong urges toward these changes, for many years before the physical change took place. That is spiritual evolution which is at the heart of Evolution.

For thousands of years, humans have interacted with “wheels in the air” (“Ezekiel saw the wheel, way in the middle of the air…”), angels, fairies, light forms (energy forms); these curious humans longed to know the unknown, longed to know who was in the wheel in the air. So the spiritual evolution you are undergoing, and the contact you are feeling, has been cooking
for thousands of years in your species. This evolution has taken a long time. Certainly Homo sapiens is not the end of human evolution! Humans have changed greatly many times throughout millions of years, perhaps branching off from the ape family. (This belief or non-belief is your choice).

Because of planetary conditions as well as conditions in society (financial, politico/socio institutions falling apart), the human species’ next step forward in the great momentum of the universe, is climaxing all at once in this moment we call The Change Point. In that moment, your spiritual perception will become, beyond any shadow of a doubt, Homo cosmos. Yes, our landings on Earth will help solidify your perception as Homo cosmos.
For star people and enlightened humans like yourselves, your spiritual evolution has already taken place, and you are Homo cosmos. As time goes along, your species will change a little bit physically, but that is really irrelevant, because it is the spiritual evolution which is the heart of Evolution itself.

Many humans cannot fully comprehend who/what we are in our flying machines; it is just a tad past their ability. Many humans are frightened of change, evolution, and the unknown; they react not with curiosity, intelligence, and logic, but with fear which turns to violence and hatred. We know and hope that many of them can meet the challenge of the Change Point, however, and move one step up the evolutionary ladder.

Those humans like yourself who are enlightened, who function with intelligence, logic, and positivity, in a sense—you have called us here. Yes, you are one of us, but I speak of your species as a whole and also of a paradox for you personally: In one way, you perceive us, you understand our intentions, you feel empathy with us, because you in your evolutionary momentum, have created us. If this statement bothers you, let’s leave it at this: You called us here.


Each species can only perceive what is within that species hum. Your dog friend has the dog hum and perception. To your dog, your Blackberry (computer) looks like a chew toy except it is too hard. The barking dog on television, must be barked at, your dog insists.

But you, star people, are evolving spiritually, stepping outside your old species hum with its predictable fears and aggressions. You perceive new truth and new universal beings; therefore, we “new” universal beings say, “Rejoice, now we can exist for these new humans!”
A few years ago, humankind thought the universe was mostly the Milky Way Galaxy. In a handful of years, suddenly the universe has expanded to hundreds of millions of galaxies which compose super-galaxies to dark energy, to dark matter, to hundreds of millions of planets orbiting hundreds of millions of stars. Yes, technology has grown, but human consciousness as expanded also. What if your expanded consciousness is actually creating a larger universe?

We not only perceive reality, we participate in creating it! You can create a healed Earth!

Not to panic, I am not saying you created us in the mundane sense. In almost every perception possible, we have come from many multiverses and far distant planets, to help Earth at this crucial moment. We are as real as you are, we are beings sovereign unto ourselves.

You are living a human lifetime, at this moment, in order to help raise the frequency. This is truth. And so, we did plant ourselves into this timeline to hurry evolution along (“overnight”) because of the rapidly manifesting crisis situation on Earth.

I just want to share the fact that perception of reality and evolutionary momentum are incredible “things” which can be looked at in paradoxical ways, and I hope this will be of help to you as the difficult days careen onward toward the fast-approaching Change Point. In fact, I know this will be of help to you.

May the healing light of Goodness surround you always, Tibus




Bagana Volcano, is one of Melanesia’s youngest and most active volcanoes. It occupies a remote portion of central Bougainville Island. On August 23rd, it sent out an ash plume 10,000 feet high. It has apparently taken the lava cone at least 300 years to build up; it is no coincidence that this new volcano chose this moment to come alive, out of all the moments in its 300 year birth.

We have mentioned before the Son of Krakatau or Anak Krakatau, which is still in a state of eruption. Now add Anak Ranakah, which is the son of, you guessed it, Gunung Ranakah. It too is preparing to erupt on Flores Island, sending up plumes of ash. Flores island is the place those small humanoid skeletons were found – which, of course, we have never heard anything else about!

Seismic activity has greatly increased near Tambora, a massive stratovolcano on northern Sumbawa Island. Meanwhile, Papandayan, another complex stratovolcano also is causing medium to large quakes in western Java.
Virtually every volcano in this southeastern area of the Ring of Fire is alive if not already erupting. Perhaps this interconnectedness is letting off steam, thus there is not one huge eruption from just one volcano.

Trying to cover in full, this never-before-recorded phenomenon of nearly all Indonesian volcanoes being awake and active, is a challenge, almost like trying to cover every “300 year flood” or “the most flooding on record” or “in human memory” in the U.S. recently. They are all over the place! The same is true of “the most devastating wild fire ever,” or “areas that have never burned before in human memory.” It is not your imagination, star person, it is all happening at once and that “at once” is NOW!

Mount Etna which towers over the city of Catania, sent lava which overflowed through a breach in the E Crater rim, and traveled toward Valle del Bove. Catania is the second largest city on Sicily. Since then, Strombolian activity has progressively intensified with pulsating lava fountains up to 100 meters high. New vents are forming daily, Etna is on the move again! In 1500 B.C., Etna wiped out Sicilian cities and their civilizations. Now, of all times, she threatens again.

Back to the Ring of Fire, Japan also has increased volcanic activity from formerly dormant volcanoes, on the heels of the huge earthquake. Meanwhile, in South America, on the border between Chile and Bolivia, there is credible video footage of two UFOs recorded in daytime, coming up out of Volcano Parinacota. Perhaps they are checking that volcano to see if it is thinking of joining all its cousins.

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