Ten New Predictions
...for Today and Tomorrow’s World

   by Diane Tessman

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How can anyone predict the future when quantum physics confirms that there are an infinite number of alternate realities?

“Look out for that truck!” In most realities, you stopped in time, you lived. However, in some branch reality out there in the universe, you got hit by the truck.

“Darn, my lottery numbers were no good again!” However, in some branch reality, you won the lottery.

These are individual, personal paths in a crazy quantum universe of perception, but my guide Tibus has taught me that there are certain over-riding events which happen in almost every branch of reality for a group, a species, a planet, even a galaxy.

Such events are the movers and shakers of Earth’s history and Earth’s future path in almost every time line. It is these “umbrella events” on which I place the most emphasis, and on which my Predictions are based.

Just one more thing: The most difficult skill in making predictions is the time element. One can perceive the path that is being taken, for instance, by the glacial melt which is happening (or has already happened, melting completed), across the planet. However, does the last drop of water trickle into the sea in December 2012 or January 2013, or 2016? To us down here on Earth, those time spans sound far apart, but in the cosmic flow, they are split seconds apart. I’m not making excuses, am merely stating that hitting the right moment is much harder than perceiving the event itself in its general flow of unfolding.


Ten New Predictions
for Today and Tomorrow’s World

Prediction #1: The Pope wishes to announce Disclosure. He wishes to be the first; his motivations are sincere within the paradigm of his Catholic faith. However, this puts Pope Francis in even larger danger from assassination. Pope Francis is a pope with huge historical significance and he has ET contact and guidance. The ETs realize that they must take an individual at the level he or she is at, and work with him or her. Pope Francis is a more enlightened soul than any pope for a long time, and he can think outside the strict papal mindset, and so is easily worked with.

Prediction #2: Planet Earth’s environmental systems are “crashing” like dominoes. Many years ago, Tibus continued using the term “snowball effect.” Sadly, this is true and the “hill” the snowball is rolling down is a steep one, not a gentle one. So, it has become mandatory and critical that Space/Time Intelligence make their reality and their presence known to humans. SOMETHING has to wake up the mass of humankind! (Tibus says that “We are trying to cook up a scenario and concept which will be plain to see and accept as REAL for humans everywhere and yet NOT present a loss of life for us or any humans, even the military which might attack us. We are intently discussing this, it is a very difficult scenario to manifest successfully”).

Prediction#3: One day in the not distant future, the tissue samples, sperm, even eggs, saved by intelligent, caring people today, will bring back the animals, birds, and plants lost during this 6th Great Extinction on Earth, which is NOW. Space/Time Intelligence knows the art of cloning and will assist in doing bringing back life-forms safely and correctly (cloning is not a negative in itself). Then each ex-extinct species will be cared for carefully so as to develop vigor, which can be lacking in clones but which can be brought forth in advanced techniques. Of course S/T Intelligence also has saved many “going extinct” species aboard special terrarium/aquarium ships, but Earth’s wonderful species mostly belong on Earth, free, plentiful, and healthy.

Prediction #4: Scientists are planning to bring back a prehistoric virus called Mollivirus sibericum. It became extinct about 30,000 years ago. It was found in the Siberian permafrost. We predict that this is not a good idea! Typical of humans, if we do it once and it proves harmless, we will do it again with other ancient permafrost viruses which are extinct now. We are opening a potential Pandora’s Box.

Our prediction is that scientists are about to do a lot of opening of Pandora’s box” which today is to perform an action that may seem small or innocent, but that action turns out to have severely detrimental and far-reaching consequences in the future. This is the same paradigm as the Butterfly Affect.

This 30,000-year-old giant virus is totally unknown to the modern scientists. The good news is that the virus will not be awakened until it has been verified it cannot harm humans and animals. But can we be sure?
This virus is classified as a “giant” virus because it’s visible by light microscopy. It houses more than 500 genes. The influenza virus, in comparison, has only 8 genes. So, our prediction is that sooner or later, a dormant virus which is awakened from the permafrost, will cause a huge modern epidemic.

Prediction #5: There will be growing incidents of what might be called ”malleable reality,” when sounds or images which cannot possibly make sense or be in THIS reality, manifest here like mirages. But, they will not be scientifically explained mirages like the mirages in this reality (an example of an explained mirage is the mirage of water ahead on the road in the hot desert). I recently had an audio example of this: I heard a cow moo and a low bull-type of bellow, right close to my house, behind the garage. While I do live in a rural area, the closest cows and bulls are about 2 miles away. I ran to the back of the garage and there was nothing there nor anywhere around. These were very distinct noises.

We also predict that people will actually see cities which do not exist in this reality. These will be on the horizon but as people walk closer, they will remain real, whereas a mirage fades. While most sightings will involve only one person’s perception, as time goes on, more than one person will see or hear these mirages which are simply not explainable as scientifically explained mirages.

Many loud strange noises have been heard for a few years all over the planet, but this is a new phase wherein human perception itself becomes mutated and overlaps other dimensions.


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Prediction #6: We predicted in 1983 that the Change Times would go through a time of mass human insanity. Sadly this time has come with all the mass shootings which make no sense, with young people going to join some holy war which harkens back to the 1400s, , with our ability to think clearly and deeply being badly eroded as we live in a world which worships celebrities and constantly brainwashes to be fearful of everything. The pharmaceutical companies using humans as guinea pigs is part of this ridiculous insanity too. Sadly, all of this has yet to peak, it will get worse before it gets better when we finally throw off our chains as an intelligent, loving human race.

Prediction #7: Artificial DNA letters have already been invented. This is another Pandora’s Box if it is wrongly used. To explain:

Two artificial DNA letters, X and Y, have been invented by a biologist specializing in synthetic DNA. Every life-form on Earth since life began, has a DNA code written in four letters, G, C, and A, and T. These are the molecules which pair up within the DNA helix.

These two pairs of DNA letters form the matrix or base for 20 amino acids which create the proteins of life itself. However, now X and Y DNA letters have been invented and they can successfully pair up with G,C, A, and T.
So now we have 172 amino acids, the building blocks of life, instead of 20 building blocks of life. We stand on a scientific threshold of the like never seen before!

This is huge! Many call this the God Code.

This new science can help other life-forms as well as humans. It could help save the planet from what is currently a downward spiral with compromised immune systems in many Earth creatures. It opens the way for the improvement of the entire species of Homo sapiens.
But it could be a nightmare, depending on how it is applied. Is this how the ancient gods made the mixture of creatures like the centaur, half man and half horse? Were chimera not mythical strange creatures but the product of DNA experiments by the ETs or ancient gods?

So our prediction is, adding the astounding new artificial DNA letters into our DNA helix will prove to be a test for humankind. The battle will be on again between using scientific innovations for good or evil. Will we cure cancer or create monsters? This will be a huge battle in the not too distant future.

Prediction #8: NASA very soon will announce that they are “99% certain” there are microbial forms of life on Io (Jupiter’s moon) and Enceladus (Saturn’s moon). Both have vast under-ice oceans and warmth is generated under the ice so that conditions for life are perfect. There is volcanic activity which nurtures life!

Prediction 9: Connected to Prediction 7, the “ Io and Enceladus announcements” are a “small d” disclosure but NASA and the powers-that-be are slowly getting ready to make the “capital D” Disclosure, that advanced intelligence not of this Earth is in our skies and has been observing us for many years. This will be said in a low-key way.

Prediction 10: Will Earth’s human population panic or turn to fear and hatred of this advanced intelligence “not of Earth” after Disclosure is announced? That is a huge threat and worry but our prediction is:

Humans will rally to the occasion and NOT panic or turn to hatred. Humans are struggling as it is with rotten leadership and a dying planet. They will almost welcome this breath of fresh air and will handle the existence of alien ships and the occupants within, in Earth skies.
The Powers-That-Be which have ruled Earth so catastrophically for hundreds of years will quickly lose their influence in people’s lives, and thus their power will ebb away.

No more paying for fossil fuels which goes to the pockets of the super-rich Oil people whether in the U.S. or the Mideast. It is all about money but that is coming to an end after Disclosure.

What is the deciding factor in this turning away of humans from the power we give to corrupt leaders? The deciding factor in the liberation of humankind will be Tesla’s free energy and Radiant Energy This natural energy can perform the same wonders as ordinary electricity at less than 1% of the cost.

Other possible clean energy sources: Permanent Magnets, Super-Efficient Electrolysis and Cold Fusion. There are dozens more clean energy systems! Many are viable and well tested. Once humankind wakes up after UFO Disclosure, non-polluting free energy will be in abundance for everyone, everywhere!

Conclusion: I believe a Change Point is fast approaching for Planet Earth; a huge event like this happens only once for every sentient race on their home planet. Everyone on Earth should be educated and enlightened about this coming “C” change; however, our governments do little except make war and add to all the problems.

The Change Point occurs when this sentient race has developed reasonably advanced technology, something which occurs as a universal constant. However, also this sentient race (humankind in Earth’s case), not only has reached a point where it could destroy itself, it has reached a point where it is destroying – killing – its own planet, either through nuclear warfare or through the slow-death of greedily using up the planet’s resources while contaminating water and land resources.

In this tragic process, millions of other life-forms, from tigers to bluebirds, are threatened with extinction, shortly before the greedy sentient species faces its own demise.

However, there is hope! Humankind has this moment in cosmic history to evolve spiritually. This is what the Change Point is all about. I believe this is our chance.

Enlightened, advanced beings flock to a planet which is undergoing its Change Point, and that this explains many UFO sightings. I delve into these amazing, astounding aspects and beyond, in my new Exo-Trekking publication as well as in my spiritual work of many years. It seems hopeless but in reality, there is great hope, it is simple, and it is within us.

Is the future the setting of our sun, or a bright new dawn, or is it just another day?

Consciousness is all.

Consciousness creates perception.

Perception is all. This is our choice.




    Feel free to contact me for further communication on these life-changing and Earth-changing events, which are soon to come.    

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