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Do you need a counselor who understands the strangenesses you have experienced in life?

Do you need a counselor who has herself had 30 years experience with the unknown?
Do you need a counselor who realizes life doesn’t always happen as you had hoped?
I would love to work with you, I do understand! 

I offer private, personal insight and guidance. 
If you would like to connect with me, why not order an introductory consultation today!

Diane Tessman, P.O. Box 352, St. Ansgar, Iowa 50472  

Consultation: $150.00
E-mail me:  info@earthchangepredictions.com
My website: www.earthchangepredictions.com 
Ask me for a free newsletter about
the coming Change Point, Landings, Contact, New Dawn! 



Write or email Diane with your concerns and questions. Thousands of people over the years have been inspired, lives changed for the better. In your reading, Diane will also ask Tibus to channel through with input for you. Past life readings if you specify. No subject is taboo, ask us for help and insight for the future. Each reading is completely personal and private, and sent to you in the postal mail, or by Email - entirely your choice. 




International Requests Welcome!

If you would like to support Diane in her mission to boost awareness for the coming change times, as well as her ongoing mission to help abandoned cats and dogs on her 10 acre sanctuary in Iowa, you can always donate any amount at any time.  Your support and kindness are known by Spirit, and will not go unrewarded.  We welcome and value your assistance.



Information Packet

Send for a packet of invaluable, fascinating information from Diane via the post!
Receive 2 sample publications, a catalog and more!

USA or International?

Prefer snail mail?
Send check or money orders to...
Diane Tessman  |  PO Box 352  |  St. Ansgar, IA  50472


Diane Speaks
The Human Perspective

Creating the Future (Introduction)
Dark Plasma & Dark Matter (Part One)
Other-Earth: Dark Plasma/Matter (Part 2)
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Tibus Speaks
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UFO Disclosure: The Alien Point of View
Guidance & Help for the Change Times
Volcano Focus
Evolution & the Creator Spirit
The New Madrid Prediction



The Star Heartline
The Change Times Quarterly

Personal Counseling

Ask Questions About Your Own Journey
Expand Your Awareness
Explore A Past Life
Receive Tips To Survive The Change Times!


Hear what others have to say
about Diane & Tibus!

It Always Seems Impossible
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Future Predictions - New!
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Quantum Shaman

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Diane Tessman | P.O. Box 352  |  Saint Ansgar, IA  50472

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