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6x9" paperback - AUTOGRAPHED BY DIANE!

Diane Tessman channels an interdimensional being she first met onboard a starship, where her soul was blended together with The Spirit of Tibus, her "Special One."

A fascinating look at the phenomenon of alien abduction, missing time, channeling, and the very real possibility that we are not alone!  Far more important:  not only have we been visited, but in many cases, humans have been psychically linked to these interdimensional beings in an effort to prepare all of us for the earth changes that lie ahead.

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features maps of where water will rise over the land. Acclaimed by many as one of the outstanding books of Earth Change predictions and prophecies! In this personal guide, your blueprint for survival, Diane has channeled, the living spirit of Earth's volcanoes. Many native cultures including the Hawaiian Kahuna, the Mayan and the Australian Aboriginals have survived devastating volcanoes for centuries by being in communication with the Volcano Goddess. This goddess is truly the living spirit of The Volcano. There are also unique, timely and urgent messages received from the Earth Mother's network of earthquake fault lines and tectonic plates. Gaia, the living spirit of Earth is crying out in so many ways, through so many of her natural creations and spirits, for humankind to see her image in itself and to save her. After all, it is humans who have damaged the planet on which they stand. Also in this book are prophetic warnings on the New World Order's march to oppress enlightenment and intelligence. EARTH CHANGES BIBLE is cherished by enlightened human across the planet. Your guide to the coming global transformation!



... revealing the blueprint given by Tibus and other space/dimensional "good guys" to Diane Tessman, one of the foremost channels of our time. Here is the formula for surviving dimensional shift, and for actually raising the human frequency by an octave. Goes hand in hand with EARTH CHANGES BIBLE.  Earth's volcanic Ring of Fire has been triggered in these disastrous Change Times as it has not been  for hundreds of thousands of years. In ancient days, tsunamis over 800 feet high swept the land, the result of enormous quakes. Today, Earth and her inhabitants face this catastrophic threat again. Gaia, the living spirit of Mother Earth, has seen her rain forests destroyed by humans, gaping holes have been punched in her protective ozone layer (her immune system), and Earth's pristine oceans are contaminated and dying. The dog will shake its fleas!

7 RAYS OF THE HEALING MILLENNIUM offers THE ANSWER to these crushing situations, a new dimension of thinking, feeling, being, and acting  WHICH WILL LITERALLY SHIFT ENLIGHTENED HUMANS INTO A NEW DIMENSION, A HIGHER PERCEPTION OF REALITY!  This is the key! 



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The author says we are all GUARANTEED admission into God's higher dimensions and realms. Are you curious to find out:
  • * Exactly where is heaven?
    * How can I be assurerd or going there when I die?
    * Is there more than one plane of existence in the afterlife?
    * Can we communicate with the next world now?
    * Have people actually returned from the grave?
    * Can the deceased talk to us over the phone and through our TV sets (actual cases provided)?

About the Authors

Diane Tessman is the author of EARTH CHANGES BIBLE and SEVEN HEALING RAYS OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM. She is also a well established channel of interdimensional beings and editor of a monthly newsletter. Timothy Beckley was editor of UFO UNIVERSE magazine for over l0 years and is president of Inner Light Publications.


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Diane's most recent book, has an incredible message from the soul of Nikola Tesla, the great genius. How will the God Cloud, which hovers above Earth, waiting patiently, help us survive? The God Cloud is a cluster of consciousness particles, angelic in vibration. Is there hope?! Don't miss out on this revelation!


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Join Diane Tessman as she explores new possibilities surrounding the ancient mystery!

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Diane Receives Rave Reviews on!

Seven Rays of the Healing Millennium

"Diane Tessman Is One of the Premier Authors of the New Age"
February 7, 2001

Diane Tessman has done it again! Seven Rays of the Healing Millennium is the most gripping book I have read this year. In this work, which was the gift offered Diane by the voices of space intelligence, there are many pressing issues taken to task. There are fascinating chapters on the true meaning of the Crystal Cross.

Seven Rays of the Healing Millennium contains channeled information from a collection of alien and Angelic Beings from the future, as well as sprites, fairies, and Inner Earth Dwellers. Diane's Guardian, TIBUS gives some shocking revelations in a chapter intitled: To Clone Or Not To Clone.  We enter the loving vibration of Diana Luminatis, who many feel is the ascended soul of Princess Diana, who was a true Star Person. Some of the alien channelings include lifelike images of the Ascended Masters. There is a warning from the Volcano Goddess, much regarding governmental conspiracy/UFO cover-ups, the coming polar shift, nuclear terrorism, the threat of artificial intelligence & the HAARP project & the reality of the end of the Human species due to low sperm count.

Diane Tessman is regarded by many as one of the few honest and truly gifted psychics of the New Age movement. She has offered us every word of this unique masterpiece with love and light. Literally "worlds above" most authors of the genre-- Seven Rays of the Healing Millennium by Diane Tessman is a signature work.

Diane Tessman

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