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The Ancient Astronaut Puzzle:
Ancestors and Descendants

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Recently I watched an "ancient astronaut" DVD and a puzzling question jumped out at me: As well as the enigmatic carvings into the land which can only be fully comprehended from a plane or helicopter in the air, the "landing strips" which crisscross the Nazca Plateau in Peru, just donít make any sense. The top of the mountain was carved off, the debris from that excavation is nowhere to be found, and tiny particles of glass are found in the sandy, rocky soil. It seems that the Incans were expecting an airplane to land, and hoped to please the occupants of that plane with their exotic carvings, which stretch over miles. As to where the top of the mountain (debris) went, and why/how the area is covered by tiny particles of glass, these remain a mystery.

Next, there is the Mayan King, Pacal the Great, whose sarcophagus cover is engraved with what looks like a an astronaut, piloting a technology -driven rocket into the skies. Pacal is not alone, because in many places in the world, there are carvings, paintings, and artifacts with NASA-like astronauts with padded (insulated) suits, "globe" helmets, and, in some cases, breathing apparatus.

I wish to make note here that I am aware of the mainstream explanations for "ancient astronaut" artifacts, and while they do not make sense to me, either, I acknowledge they may be correct.

Here is the puzzle within a puzzle, which popped out as I watched these "ancient astronaut" DVDs: If ancient astronauts actually visited Peruvian Nazca, why did they need landing strips like modern passenger jets or propeller planes? Planes need landing strips. If UFO occupants were the ancient astronauts, wouldnít they land in their saucers, which seem to come straight down? Certainly they donít need landing strips!

Also, if ancient astronauts actually visited the Mayans, why did they need to ride high octane, primitive-looking rockets into the sky like NASA astronauts? Why did they need enclosed helmets, insulated space suits and breathing apparatus? Of course there are many examples around the world of ancient artifacts with images which look like astronauts with helmets and even breathing apparatus. Modern UFO occupants donít seem to be dressed like NASA astronauts according to most reports.

A related area of confusion: We modern folk just canít understand why or how our ancient ancestors would move gigantic stones which weighed many tons; they were, in some cases, perfectly-tuned stellar observatories which we are just now figuring out.

Did their monuments like Stonehenge, have to be that big and heavy? Since our ancestors had that amazing astronomical knowledge, they could have constructed smaller stellar observatories, made of stones which four strong men could put into place. However, all over the planet, there are huge, mind-boggling stone monuments which often have to do with astronomy. This is a nagging puzzle despite many diverse attempts to explain why and how gigantic stones were transported and used, from the pyramids of Egypt to the standing stones of County Cork.

The answer might be: Our ancestors or someone, wanted these monoliths to stand throughout time, so that we would scratch our heads about them. Maybe these monuments are meant to be a catalyst to our own curiosity and eventual evolution?

On the other hand, maybe our descendants will scratch their heads and wonder, why oh why, did we 2011 humans spend all that time pecking away at our computer keyboards. However, to forge on, the stone monuments are similar to the landing strips because they were really huge projects which donít disclose to us why in the world our ancestors bothered to create them.

Yes, this is all very confusing. So then I thought, maybe the UFO occupantsí technology was back a few centuries, too, when they visited our ancestors; maybe the aliens had airplanes then instead of saucers, and those planes needed landing strips? But, no, how did they get to Earth, then, from far distant planets? Or if they are dimensional travelers, how did they come through dimensions in an airplane? It seems that the aliensí technology must have been about as advanced as it is today.

Could it be that aliens and/or human "time travelers" showed the next stage of human evolution to our ancestors, telling them to make landing strips for flying machines (airplanes), appearing as NASA-like astronauts, and instructing them to make astronomical observatories from of the only material available (stone), which could span the cosmos? Maybe they even manifested a few 21st Century fighter jets and enjoyed piloting them.

In other words, our ancestors were shown by the aliens, our current stage of 20th and 21st Century evolution, which includes airplanes, rocket-propelled astronauts, and observatories which scan the sky to discover cosmic mysteries.

And today, we are shown flying saucers which are "scout craft," large orbs and triangles which are "mother ships," and an array of incredible flying phenomena which donít quite make sense. Our experience with aliens seems to have evolved past propeller airplanes and astronauts riding a rocket to break the surly bonds of Earth.

The aliens who are perceived in the modern era, usually do not have breathing apparatus or bulky astronaut suits like many ancient astronaut artifacts. Our sightings have evolved, past the NASA-type astronauts with whom the Incans and Mayans might have seen and interacted.

So what is going on here?

Could it be that through some wonderful magic, humankind not only perceives its next stage of evolution, but is also busy creating it?

Today, we see UFOs which do not need a Nazca landing strip. Even our helicopters donít need landing strips. Our next stage of evolution does not involve planes and landing strips. Therefore, the UFOs we see do not need landing strips, either. UFOs hover, zoom, fly at super-high speeds, then stop abruptly and make right-angle turns, and they sure do disappear a lot!

Today, whether little Greys or tall Nordics, they donít wear bulky NASA suits.

Today, we are just beginning to get an idea of "their universe" through Hubble and other satellite telescope observatories.

But why are aliens from far-distant worlds so fascinated by humans? Maybe they are hopelessly intrigued with us for reasons only they know, good or bad. (No doubt, good and bad, because there is not one kind of alien but many, apparently, in our skies).

However, it is certain that our own ancestors and our own descendants would be interested in us!

Our ancestors are interested in us because of the overwhelming prime directive of evolution. And so, they see airplanes in their skies which need landing strips. They see NASA-type astronauts who need to be immortalized in stone as they ride their rocket into orbit.

And what of our descendants? Who has a more vested interest in what we do today? Are they the ones really behind all this?

I do not think they are the only ones behind all of this, but I think they are a big part of it. I think they have the crucial say-so amongst other aliens of space and time, on how 20th and 21st Century humans are "handled."

I donít mean "handled" in a negative sense, but maybe that is my own positive outlook. I do not believe when all is said and done, that what is happening regarding UFOs and aliens is a negative phenomenon. Maybe I just know that I create my reality, as we all do, and I want it to be positive, now and in the future. Is this the key?

That said, I feel our great, great, great, great, grandchildren are mostly positive beings. Yes, indeed, who else has a bigger stake in the future which we 21st Century humans create now?

The question may be: Are we creating these incredible UFOs and the occupants within, because of our inherent ability, which we have always had as the human species, to create "aliens" to come visit us from our future, whether we are Mayan or sitting at our 21st Century computer keyboard?

Or, are our descendants "real beings," having gone through uncountable future centuries, who now fly starships? Humans, out there in the galaxy! Both "the dream creation" and the product of long centuries of physical evolution, arrive at the same thing: Reality.

Or maybe the UFOs we see now are the same phenomenon as the flying machines which the Incans perceived. The alien occupants of those airplanes did not really need to fly in planes which needed landing strips. Maybe the occupants of UFOs donít really need those UFOs, either. Maybe they just click their heels and teleport themselves to look like a UFO, so we can see our astounding future. Maybe they can close their eyes and manifest in the Andromeda Galaxy. Who knows where human evolution leads in a mere 2 thousand years or 5 million years. 5 million years? Just a drop in the cosmic bucket.

Did we create the UFO occupants or are they real and sovereign beings in their own right?

The answer is both: We created them. They are real.


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